Warther Dixon are an artist duo who have collaborated on mirror and light based installation sculptures. Their work creates perceptual questions around the themes of time, identity and spirit. They hope these questions create an embodied learning of self and soul in viewers.



Caitlin is an interdisciplinary light artist whose practice encompasses sculpture and photography in an

ongoing investigation into what it means to inhabit space. She recently graduated from The Parsons School of

Constructed Environments NYC with an MFA in Lighting Design. After recently moving to Cape Town she is busy

with a new body of work that responds to the light and space of Cape Town.

WEB www.caitlinberylwarther.com

EMAIL cait@warther.co.za

INSTAGRAM @caitlin.warther


 Wendy is a designer and art director, she runs a branding and design studio called Dixon Design that focusses

on design and curation of creative businesses and spaces. Her latest sided project turned business is called

Stay Evil Kids, a conceptual art and product design studio has led her interest from a 2 dimensional plane into 3

dimension form, spacial design and installation art.

WEB http://dixondesign.co.za/

EMAIL wendy@dixieland.co.za

INSTAGRAM @dixondesignstudio