Family Films

Do you remember watching home videos of your childhood? Filled with familiar voices, outfits and rooms. The Home Heart Family Film is the modern solution to a generation of Iphone video clips that get lost in the cloud. Our team spends time with you in your home, interviews your family while recording your voice and unobtrusively captures the tea-parties, soccer goals and baking contests. Giving you a film to share and hold on to future generations. 


Memory Heirloom

For this film, we spend time interviewing every member of your family as well as filming activities of your choice. 




A Letter To My Love

For this film, we ask you to write a letter to your loved one. Tell them a story you want to remember, something that you love about them or your hopes for the future. We will ask the same of your partner and reveal the letters through the film. 

Romantic, we know! 


A Letter to My Child

For this film, we ask you and your partner to write a letter to your child. Tell them what they have recently learnt, something exciting they did or what you love about them. We will use this voice-recording over the footage of your family.