04 / Forever Film


Music by Thokozani Mhlambi

What if, on this night, an angel were to delve after you, into your loneliest loneliness, and say,

izulu liyabona - the heavens watch you, as you watch the heavens

look to a puddle, to see the skies

consider that the life you are living, is living you too

it has begun and ended. it won’t stop or start

you will send a prayer up and receive doors down


the doors are open - ivulekile iminyango

uyophelalaphi - where will you end up

zimile - they stand 

until when - kuze kubenini

kude kubekuna phakade - forever 

izimiselo, zikamdali - on the foundations of the Creator 

hyahi, ho


The Forever Film is currently exhibited at The Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town. It is a part of a group show title Still Here Today to High Five You Yesterday curated by Azu Nwagbogu and Precious Mhone. 

03 / Pleasure to Meet You


leds, aluminum, glass

2m x 4m 

When you go back in time, the past becomes your future. When you go forward in time, the future becomes the past. 

Heterotopias are spaces that disrupt the continuity and normality of common everyday places, places removed from the evenly spaced movement of time. They may juxtapose past with present, future with present, or overlap meaning and relationships in a way that challenges or subverts our impression and experience of the prevailing social context. The moment when a mirror reflects our image it acts as such a space. 

A virtual space exists between utopia and heterotopia where one is able to exist in simultaneity. The artists ask the viewer, ‘if they have met themselves yet?’ The mirror becomes a portal creating an otherworldliness from which to consider our present self. 


Pleasure to Meet You is currently exhibited at The Zeitz Mocaa, Cape Town. It is a part of a group show title Still Here Today to High Five You Yesterday curated by Azu Nwagbogu and Precious Mhone. 

02 / The Dual Door


leds, aluminum channel, cable

3m x 1.5m 

The Dual Door is a set of two light sculptures that will be placed in conversation with each other at the lower and upper parts of the Nirox river.

A door, to the duo, represents a choice. “Choice, by nature, requires a person to select one option over another; front or back? Forwards or backwards? Pink or orange? A or B?” By consisting of two opposing colours of light, facing in opposing directions The Dual Door stands as an experience of ‘both and’. It faces both forward and backward. It is both pink and orange. The light it is made of is both a wave and a particle. 

As part of The Power of Site exhibition the duo sought to allow visitors a unified experience of duality. By confounding the traditional conception of binary based decision making they offer the potential for an alternative, harmonised embodied learning.


The Dual Doors were first exhibited in the Nirox Sculpture Park exhibition called The Power of Site, curated in collaboration by Lorena Guillen-Vaschetti and Adam Jeppensen May - July 2019.

01 / The Four Doors


leds, aluminum channel, cable

56m x 3m 

The Four Doors is a large scale light art installation that spans the width of the Spier dam. By using the simplest means of light and reflection the doors creates subtly complex perceptual effects. In these sculptures a phenomenological experience of architectural space takes place provoking the viewer into an internal dialogue between mind and body. We hope that the lines of light promotes a heightened sensitivity to the experience of stillness in relation to the fleeting passage of time.


The Four Doors were first exhibited in the Spier Light Art Festival 2018. Curated by Vaughn Sadie, Nadja Daehnke and Jay Pather.